Journaling Inspired by Keep a Journal

Hello Friends. Let this post help with your mental health plan.


Maintaining a journal keeps me on track towards my objectives.


Milestones are encouraging. I include them in a journal to keep me moving forward towards my goals. Seeing each small win pushes me to go after the next one.


Each work day is productive because I am guided by a list. Before I begin working, I plot out the steps to achieve productivity. This approach allows me to focus on the important things and block out the distractions.


Although unexpected tasks sometimes come my way, I avoid losing focus. I adjust my goals for the day and make room for the new responsibilities.


Larger life goals are easier to achieve when I set small milestones along the way. Each week, I allocate time to achieving one of these smaller milestones and I stick to the allocations.


When I focus on one small task at a time, I avoid feeling overwhelmed by how much there is to do. I am gentle with myself by setting milestones.


Overall wellness is important as I go after goals. I make time each day to eat right, rest, and exercise. I add those things to my journal because they are important to long-term wellness.


Today, writing my objectives in my journal allows me to commit to them consistently. I am a believer in setting milestones and reviewing my progress. Life is more fulfilling when I am able to see my results along the way.


Self-Reflection Questions:


  1. What milestones does my fitness journal contain?
  2. How do I adjust milestones without affecting the path towards other goals?
  3. How often do I include milestones for strengthening my relationships with friends?

One day I’m healing…next day I’m breaking again. Both days I’m not giving up tho