Journaling Inspired

Journaling Inspired by An Article on World Health

How to Manage Your Mental Health by Journaling

This is a small part of the article I felt could use repeating.

There is no correct way to journal. The way you journal all comes down to what method you enjoy best. Often journaling is mistaken for writing in a diary. You don’t have to associate these outlets with the stereotypical messages written in what people dub as diaries. 

Journaling could include the following: 

  •  Visuals (imagery like scrapbooking, drawings, etc.)
  •  Poems
  •  Quotes
  •  Notes
  •  Memories
  •  Feelings, and more.

I am going to refer you to the article written by Emily Henry to read the whole piece.


Our past often haunts us for longer than we expect. It is our own responsibility to do the work to heal ourselves.

One day I’m healing…next day I’m breaking again. Both days I’m not giving up tho