Journaling Inspired by Rest

Hello Journaling Inspired Pals,

I hope your week has been a good and balanced experience. But just in the case that it has not…. I am focusing of self care and self love today. I pass along suggestions and ideas.

My wonderful husband has found Hockey on. Real life Hockey games. He is very excited it is back.

Checks out the NHL.com website for the schedule.

My first task was to cleanse the house with prayer and sage smudging. I asked God and the angels to clean and protect our family and our home. The quarantine life has left us feeling cooped up and weighed down. This will help ease the energy in the house.

The remainder of the day is going to be full of relaxing and joyful moments. Those moments could include a walk or a nap. The day will certainly have puppy hugs and kisses. Maybe I will catch up on some television that I am kept from enjoying during the week.

I have a book on the table here to dive into. I enjoy being pulled out of this world and introduced to new and interesting worlds.

The most critical task today is to journal for my self. To put the emotion of the week into paper. To process what occurred so I am prepared for next week. Here is where I ask God for help.

Here, in the safety of my journal, is where I learn more about who I am. Learn more about what I am capable of.

I challenge you to do the same.