Journaling Inspired by The Beauty of Nature

The beauty of nature reminds me to take it easy on myself. I feel at peace as I sit quietly and listen to the live environment around me. The free expressions of nature remind me to find joy in simple things. When I consider how freely flowers open up to the sun, I feel fearless. … Read moreJournaling Inspired by The Beauty of Nature

Journaling Inspired Easter Edition

Happy Easter to all our friends and family. The day of Easter brings joy and goodness. Opens the heart to accept the love of God and Jesus. On the next page of the newspaper are COVID-19 headlines. People are all working together to survive and stay healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic. ┬áThat is a truth … Read moreJournaling Inspired Easter Edition

Journaling Inspired by The G2

Using the G2 changed my work notes. This pen and all the bright colors with the bold 1.0 point tips. My work notes have never been more clear to read and easy to follow with the colors. The smoth flow of the ink mean no scratching sound as it glides over the paper. Best during … Read moreJournaling Inspired by The G2