Journaling Inspired by Keep a Journal

Hello Friends. Let this post help with your mental health plan.   Maintaining a journal keeps me on track towards my objectives.   Milestones are encouraging. I include them in a journal to keep me moving forward towards my goals. Seeing each small win pushes me to go after the next one.   Each work … Read moreJournaling Inspired by Keep a Journal

Journaling Inspired by Keeping a Simple Journal

A SIMPLE GUIDE to Keeping a Journal A Simple Guide to Keeping a Journal Keeping a journal is a wonderful activity for your personal growth. It forces you to reflect on your life regularly. It becomes more obvious where your challenges lie when you have to put your experiences down on paper. It can also … Read moreJournaling Inspired by Keeping a Simple Journal

Reminding you to make time

Hello journaling friends. Hope your Saturday has been going well. Journal time during a COVID world is essential. Knowing how to journal is not required. Being able to write is. Grab a pen and open your mind and heart to yourself. I found my moment of bliss today. May the sun shine on your open … Read moreReminding you to make time