Journaling Inspired by Building Resilience

Good Afternoon Journalers,   During the COVID-19 situation, we are all getting blasted with emails about safety during this unprecedented time. Well, one email I received seems to touch on the mental health aspect during this “time”. I felt the pasted section below was worth sharing. Thank you all. ~Babs   A few years ago, … Read moreJournaling Inspired by Building Resilience

Journaling Inspired by Electronic Journaling

Digital Journaling Hello Journaling Inspired, I have been learning about new apps on my iPad. I found one that works with how I journal. Good Notes 5. A new ways for me to be creative and colorful in my writings. I created and imported the pink hand written Journaling Inspired using Procreate on the iPad and … Read moreJournaling Inspired by Electronic Journaling

Meditate While Moving Your Body

Meditate While Moving Your Body Move if you need to. If you have attempted meditation in the seated position and you are ready to try a new method. Why not move around? That doesn’t mean to squirm around in your seated position. This means you actually get up off the cushion and take a walk instead. … Read moreMeditate While Moving Your Body