First Day of Spring 2022

Spring 2022 begins on Sunday, March 20! This date marks the spring equinox and the astronomical first day of spring around the Northern Hemisphere. What IS the spring equinox and what happens on this day? Before you try to balance that egg, read on to learn more—including ideas on how to spend the first days of spring. What Does Spring “Equinox” Mean, Exactly? The … Read moreFirst Day of Spring 2022

Journaling Inspired by An Article on World Health

Journaling Inspired

How to Manage Your Mental Health by Journaling This is a small part of the article I felt could use repeating. There is no correct way to journal. The way you journal all comes down to what method you enjoy best. Often journaling is mistaken for writing in a diary. You don’t have to associate … Read moreJournaling Inspired by An Article on World Health

Journaling Inspired by Reviewing my Objective

  Hello Journaling Friends  Today was a day where my journaling helped keep me on target. Helped me work through a tought moment.  When I write my objectives in my journal the act allows me to commit to them consistently.I do journal each week as I work toward my objective. This keeps the goal alight … Read moreJournaling Inspired by Reviewing my Objective