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Index of Pens

I have taken an inventory of my pens and markers. Over many days I sorted, tested, and weeded out the working members of my collection. Below are links to where you can buy a pen, like the ones I will be using and talking about in my writing.  May my posts encourage you to be more open with yourself. Be that digitally or with a solid pen and good quality paper.
  1. One of my favorite pens is the Cross Ballpoint, Fountain Pens, Rollerball – Babs’ Cross Fountain Pen.
  2. Dr. Grip ballpoint and Dr. Grip Gel Rollerball.
  3. Pilot G2 Gel,
  4. Pilot Frixion Fineliner –  Pilot Frixion Fineliner erasable   Frixion fineliner pen
  5. Monte Blanc
  6. Lamy Fountain Pen and rollerball – Lamy Safari Fountain Pen and 5 Black Cartridges
  7. Zebra Fountain Pens
  8. BIC BU3 Grip (Perfect for the park sessions)
  9. Pentel R.S.V.P
  10. Zebra Z Grip Flight
  11. Uni-ball Signo 207 & 307  Uni-Ball 207 colors
  12. Carand’Ache ballpoint and pencil
  13. TomBow Hard tip Brush Pens
  14. Tactile Turn
If you have a pen that you prefer and would love to suggest. Do so below.

Drop me a note. Do you like my website? Or do you just hate it?