Use a Timer during meditation


Hello Journalers,

I have been having a hard time keeping focused during my meditations. Once I accepted the timer in my routine, I began to have better sessions.


Use a timer. Suppose you plan to meditate for 15 minutes. It can be very distracting to wonder how much time is left. So, you peek at the clock and mentally calculate how much time is left. Use a timer instead and keep your attention where it belongs. Don’t ruin a great meditation by worrying about the clock. If you use the cell phone, chose a tone that is a pleasant melody because you don’t want to be startled too harshly.


As for the question of “What do play while you meditate?”. There are several great playlists on Apple Music, Amazon Music, and YouTube.


At this moment, I am favoring a Good Morning Playlist on YouTube.


Afterwards your session, pop open a note on your phone. Jot down anything you recall about the meditation. Did you have a break through? Break the code to a book you have bee reading? or Comfort yourself threw a rough time?

Love you all.